Saturday, August 4, 2007

We'd be an asset? Our family?!

We went to a family VBS this week at a Lutheran church. We visited the church this past Sunday, and the outreach director there invited our family to VBS. We figured it was a sign, in a manner of speaking. Why? Because . . .

1) . . . it was a *family* VBS -- we are really into doing things together as a family. We don't care for age segregated church activities very much. We love to do things together and feel that it makes our family closer, and we believe that is important.

2) . . . the vbs started the very next day after the first time visited that church -- we just thought the timing was perfect.

3) . . . it took place at a time when our family was able to attend.

4) . . . the man who invited us was so kind to us and even used to be *Baptist*! LOL I think we felt a bit of kinship with him because of that.

I know you are probably thinking, what kind of signs are these. . . no lightening, no thunder. It all somehow impressed us, though, and we went, and we really enjoyed it.

A funny thing is we left a (reformed Baptist) church earlier this year where we -- and I don't want to blame the church, but am just stating a fact about ourselves -- didn't feel very welcome. And the people at VBS were so kind to us, and we felt so welcome, and a lady there told us on Friday, the last night of the VBS, that she hoped that we would continue coming to their church as our family would be such an asset to the church. What a stark contrast from one church to the other.

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