Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sunday was nice

We had a nice day on Sunday. The church service went fine. It was fun to see the children up front. We've never attended a church where the children had a chance to go foward and sing.... the churches we've been part of haven't had Christmas programs or anything like that.

I've always thought it was so neat when we would visit another church and I could see the children up front singing. I was always so touched. It was wonderful that this time, finally, I've had the opportunity to see my own children up front. It was a true blessing. We have it on video, too. *grin*

The picnic afterwards went fine, too. We actually felt pretty comfortable there. *jawdrop* My dad and mom visited the church on Sunday, too (so they could see their grandchildren up front), and stayed afterwards for the picnic, and my dad even felt comfortable at the picnic.

I didn't talk very much to the people there, but I did a little bit. I didn't really have a lot of chances to talk to people, I don't think. I was busy watching the younger kiddos some of the time (especially the youngest kiddo), and my dad and I were talking a lot of the time.

My husband and another man had a really good talk, though, about the church. My husband felt encouraged after talking with him. The man he talked with used to be Southern Baptist. The man that DH talked with the Sunday before (the one who invited us to VBS) also used to be Southern Baptist. Isn't that funny? Kinda neat how God worked that out.

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